SpiralTie was invented by Ed Ruth, an avid fisherman with decades of experience fishing the waters of South Florida.

A simple wire coil with a wire wrapped around the interior and exterior of one side, with the ends coming out to form and attachment for hooks, leaders or lures (bottom) and a loop (top) to licks the fishing line in place. a small gap between each coil allows for fishing line to slip between the coils.

HOW IT WORKS:  Imagine a spring where you can pull on the ends and the spring actually tightens instead of expanding. That is the secret to how SpiralTie works.

The resistance on the line as it is locked in between the coils actually increases when the ends are pulled. One end secures the line while the other end is attached to a hook, leader or lure. So when a fish is hooked and it starts pulling, it’s own efforts compress the coils, actually make the line even more secure!

The force of the fish’s pull is evenly distributed throughout the coils so there’s never any danger of the line being cut.

SIZES:  The SpiralTie comes in three sizes:

  1. Small – For very small lures and not intended for catches over 15 lbs
  2. Medium – Correct size for most fishing trips unless you are using very small lures or are going after some big fish!
  3. Large – Used for large catches.  This is the preferred size for trolling in the ocean.

For more information about SpiralTie, call Ed arithmetic at 954-802-0634

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