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First Month In Review

This is the last day of March 2016 and I am looking back at our first month and I’m very pleased with the progress.  First, this site was built.  Social media was created and we now stand at 840 LinkedIn connections, 132 Twitter Followers and a completed but yet to be released Facebook page.  We have over 1000 additional email addresses in our main marketing list.  I’ve made contact with a couple of manufacturers but haven’t been able to find one that I want to use for an initial run.  April will primarily be a continuation of the social media efforts and trying to nail down a company that can make an initial production run of SpiralTies.

CAD Drawings completed!

We are very excited to have completed the CAD drawings for all three sizes of SpiralTie today.  We will now be able to have some local production runs completed and will have the CAD Drawings available for manufacturers that may be interested in licensing opportunities.