What is SpiralTie?  SpiralTie is a patent-pending device used to attach fishing line of all types to fishing lures, leaders, hooks, etc without using a knot.

Why use SpiralTie instead of just tying a fishing knot?  Fishing Knots have several disadvantages:

  1. You have to know how to tie the right fishing knot.  If you don’t tie it right, it could come undone.
  2. You have to have good light and good eyesight!  If it’s dark outside or if you have eyesight that makes it hard to thread the line through the eyelet hole of the hook or lure, then you will find it much easier to use SpiralTie than to try to tie a fishing knot on a lure, lead or hook.
  3. If you’re wearing gloves because it’s cold outside, good luck tying a fishing knot!  You can easily use SpiralTie with most glove types.
  4. You have to cut the line and tie a whole new knot if you want to change lures, hooks, etc.  With SpiralTie, you just reverse the circular motion you used to attach the SprialTie and the line comes off easily.  You can change out hooks and lures in seconds!

Are there similar products that eliminate the need to tie fishing knots?  There have been attempts in the past to create an easy alternative to tying fishing knots but most if not all have never gained much use in the fishing community because they are not really much easier to use than tying a knot.  Some of them also were either too large or cumbersome and interfered with the performance of the lure or hook.  Spiral Tie is intuitive in use (just wrap line around the spring and pull) and it’s no bigger than a swivel so it does not interfere with lures or hooks.

Where can SpiralTie be purchased?  We are actively building relationships with potential manufacturers and distribution partners.  In the meantime, SpiralTie has not yet been released for retail purchase.

The Best Fishing Knot is No Knot At All